Student activity coordinator


The Student Activity Program of Holy Cross of Mintal intends to provide sample opportunities for the integral formation of students. It supports the curricular offerings through relevant and meaningful co-curricular and extra-curricular activities. The office of the student activities closely coordinates and supervises all programs related to athletic, socio-cultural, environmental, and religious activities of the whole student population to ensure that planned programs are anchored to the school’s vision-mission and core values. These activities are steered for the holistic development of individuals and are designed not only to provide opportunities for students to cultivate their latent talents, improve their leadership skills, enhance special interests, promote the spirit of collaboration and generosity, exercise sense of responsibility and service, but more importantly to address their desire to grow as individuals who are responsive to the needs of the changing society. Activities offered in the school serve as avenues for students to showcase their special skills in dancing, singing, acting, sports, writing, and among other fields which will help them acquire multiple skills and competencies. On the outset, the student activity program as a formative venue, helps form individuals by acquiring appropriate competencies and attitudes that can make them active contributors to community development.


tHe program intends to:

A. Strengthen theoretical knowledge related to intellectual aspects of students’ personality such as aesthetic development, character building, spiritual growth, moral values and creativity;
B. Provide avenues for socialization, self-identification and self-assessment.
C. Develop the values like physical, psychological, ethical, academic, civic, social, cultural recreational and disciplinary values among pupils and students.
D. Provide additional resources through creative and innovative ways among pupils and students for online activities.
E. Implement strategies for the continuity of distance educational activities.

Club meeting schedule

Club regular Meeting

Twice a month (3 rd Monday & 4th Monday – Grade School) (1st Friday and 3rd Friday – High School) 4:00 - 4: 45 P.M. An average of 20 club meetings will take place throughout the academic year. The moderators must keep a copy of the calendar of activities to keep them informed on the school events.

Meetings of SAC and club moderators:

Club Moderators together with the Student Activity Coordinator will conduct quarterly regular meetings (1st week of the Quarter), and special meetings as needed.

List of Clubs

Grade school

Graders Executive Council
Voyager: School Publication
Marianettes Club
Academic Clubs
English Club, Math Club, Science Club, Filipino Club, Young Historian Club.

High School

Supreme Student Government
Voyager: School Publication
Academic Clubs

Moderators Recruitment

At the beginning of the academic year, the office of the Student Activity Coordinator prepares the list of candidates for club moderators subject for approval/recommendation by the department head/principal.
Candidates are also chosen based on their identified skills shown or being placed on their resume during job application. Academic clubs must be handled by subject teachers or personnel in-line to the subject/field. Teachers are also allowed to express their intent to be a moderator and can make proposals for brand new clubs to be established.

Supreme student government/gec and club moderators

The Supreme Student Government / Graders Executive Council and Club Moderators are appointed by the Director for a term of one (1) year and are directly under the Activity Coordinator. They organize, supervise and initiate activities which will develop leadership, cooperation, responsibility, initiative and devotion to duty in the students/ pupils.

Job Description

1.Submits to the Activity Coordinator the required papers.
2. Supervises the formulation of By-Laws and Constitutions.
3. Keeps and updates the records of the Club/Organization.
4. Submits activity proposals and makes written reports for the approval of the Activity Coordinator, Principal and Director