Community Extension Services

CES Philosophy

The School Community Extension Services was made to focus on the different service components on spiritual/ moral development, education, and human  resource for the community.


The Community Extension Services should be confronted or managed as a total system approach that is from planning and seek the necessary needs of the community to implementing through outreach program and activities that respond to the needs of its community it serves.

CES Objectives

1. Main Objective:

Is people empowerment, that is producing committed in the community equipped  with leadership, planning, and technological skills that will help them achieve high standard of living and self-sufficiency.


2. Specific Objectives:

– to make education accessible;

– to minimize, if not eradicate low nutrition and sickness through proper sanitation;

– to conduct catechism, value formation and leadership seminars for transformation;

– to seek assistance in making resources and facilities available for community use;

– to conduct activities aimed at prosperity, environmental sustainability and economic sufficiency.

Spiritual and pastoral component

Guided by the schools vision-mission the CES office has been diligent in catering the needs of the community most especially in the spiritual aspect. (MRYE – Marie Rivier Young Evangelizers)

Environmental Components

The CES office through the effort and support of the school responded to the challenge in preserving the natural resources by conducting annually a tree planting and tree caring activity to a particular protected forest here in Davao in Malagos watershed area.

Health and sanitation component

The CES office through the effort of the school administration supported the Barangay Ecological Solid Waste Management Program (BESWMP) ( Campus Cleaning, Street Cleaning)

Educational Component

The CES office continues to support its partner community especially in the aspect of education.

Adopted Barangay Project Hope

This year, the Barangay Project Hope at Purok 21, which is adopted community of the Holy Cross of Mintal Inc. is temporarily stopped due to some circumstances. However, the institution continues its service to the said adopted community by giving Catechism class every Friday to the children of the said purok.

Human resource component

The problem analysis during the participatory planning shows that lack of leadership skills is a recognized problem. In answer to this problem, the HCM CES through its Human Resource Service Component formulated activities that would see particularly the training needs of students, the community leaders and parents. It also aims to increase their social awareness level by providing seminars and activities.