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The history of the Holy Cross of Mintal dates way back to June 1959 when a priest of a foreign Mission Society of Quebec (PME) began the direction of the school. Reverend Father Marcel Lavoie, PME was the school first director. The school had only three teachers and used the ground floor of the parish convent as their temporary classroom. Later, because of the demand of Catholic education, three classrooms were constructed in 1960. Then in 1963-1964, the school was given to the permanent management to the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary. Holy Cross of Mintal has been existing and serving the community for more than 50 years with the constant goal to give quality Christian Education to the youth. Such goal has propelled the school community to search and explore possibilities of development to respond to the call for quality Christian Education. Major areas of development such as Instruction, Administrative and Faculty Development, Student Services, and Physical Plant are being done intensely to give quality service to its growing population. Looking at the panoramic view of Holy Cross of Mintal, Inc. : two old buildings at the center are still used as grade school classrooms, PTA/Alumni office, Campus Ministry/Community Extension’s Office, Chapel and student lounge. Other facilities such as the school canteen, school supply center, livelihood center, library, computer and internet laboratory can be seen at the two storey building in front of the covered court. Within the covered court area, there is a sound room and dressing room. The ground floor of the covered court stage is the audio-visual room for both high school and grade school departments The Marie Rivier building was built where the administrative offices, faculty room and high school classrooms can be found both on the first and second floor. Connected to this building are the following: Comfort Room for Girls, Guidance and Testing Center, Health Center at the second storey, while the HS Science Laboratory, and Technology and Livelihood Education laboratory are in the ground floor. At present, Holy Cross of Mintal, Inc., continues its mission to provide quality Christian Education to its clientele.


A holistic community imbued with Christian values and diverse competencies dynamically responsive to the needs of society


Key Elements:
Holistic means
*fully- developed (spiritually, physically, intellectually, emotionally, socially)
*evangelized and transformed
* equipped with adequate knowledge, skills and values

Community means
*administrators, faculty, non-teaching staff, maintenance, students/pupils, alumni, parents and guardians

Quality Christian education means
* excellent formation programs and services anchored on teachings of the Church
* strongly grounded on the Gospel values

Responsive means
* relevant to answer the changing condition of the society


We commit ourselves to: a. deliver quality instructions with clear emphasis on the integration of Christian values, Marian spirituality and Marie Rivier’s virtues for the total formation of individuals; b. serve the community through various innovative programs and formative activities to acquire multiple skills and competencies; and c. provide services that foster the values of justice and compassion to others.

Key Elements:
A. Deliver means – provide, offer, give, implement -Quality instruction means -well planned curricular and co-curricular programs that foster multiple skills and diverse competencies -excellent teaching using current technology – With clear emphasis on the integration of – Giving importance on -Christian values, Marian Spirituality and Mother Rivier’s virtues -the teachings of Christ, the way of life of Mary and Mo. Rivier

B. Serve means -mold, develop, and form The community means -Administrators, faculty, non – teaching staff, maintenance, Students /pupils, alumni, parents and guardians, other people outside the school Through various programs and activities means -by way of innovative educational services

C. Provide means -offer, administer, initiate Opportunities- avenues and venues To develop –to promote Compassion- the ability to listen and console Openness- the willingness to understand and accept To others- everyone, everybody regardless of nationality, age, gender, beliefs, and economic status

Core Values

Christ-centeredness, Competence, Commitment


– manifest strong belief in Christ – do everything for God Compassion -exercise the ability to listen and console others, regardless of nationality, age, gender, beliefs, and economic status -respect the uniqueness of others Faith -great trust in God’s providence -always optimistic for the best to come -exhibit confidence in the wisdom of those in authority


-perform assigned tasks, functions, duties and responsibilities in accordance to commonly accepted standards -settle only for the best


-consistency in the performance of the assigned job – show full dedication in the prompt completion of assigned work -show unwavering support when there is a job to be done Service -share your time, talents and resources when needed – do something without expecting anything in return – do something without complaining



The represents the monogram of the Congregation of the Presentation of Mary Congregation who owns and administers the school.
The CROSS ON TOP OF M represents Christ. The stars represent the attributes of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
The MOUNTAIN stands as a witness to growth and progress of the school.
The LAUREL LEAVES represent the wreath of learning while a student strives to achieve in the portals of this institution.
This motto rightly proclaims the role of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, in the mystery of Christ and the Church. By honoring Christ’s Mother and the Mother of men, the school knows fully well, that such reverence will simultaneously cause Her Son to be known and loved, glorified, and all his commandments observed.

The Names Behind Our Education

Sr. Stephanie T. Gimena, PM.

School Director

Ms. Edilhynie M. Jambangan, Med-Lt

High School Principal

Mrs. Glicelyn P. Santillana, Maed

Grade School Principal

Ms. Maricar R. Calais

Senior High School Focal Person

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